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Unleash the power of your inner peace. 

We publish books and courses that uplift the world.

Books That Change You

Channeled Writing Journal

The Channeled Writing journal will help you connect to your Soul deeply, so that you can receive its messages with ease and translate them into writing.

Your Heart Knows The Way

Your Heart Knows The Way Oracle Cards is a stunning 52-card deck for lightworkers, empaths, and truth seekers who want to activate the power of their heart. 

The 13th Planet

An action-packed, fast-paced science fiction story about the resilience of the human soul and the power of connecting to the source of inspiration. 

On The TED Stage

In 2019, Ellie Shoja shared some insights from the TED stage. Check out the talk below.

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There are many ways to connect with us. Whether you enjoy watching us on YouTube, listening to us on our podcast, or reading our daily messages of love on Instagram, we hope the love we put in our content touches your heart. Engage with us on social media and enjoy the free content that we love sharing with you. 

Peace Unleashed YouTube

Through the Peace Unleashed YouTube Channel, we share content that helps you find inner peace. On Mondays, we release a guided meditation to help you reprogram your subconscious mind. On Wednesdays, we release interviews with thought leaders to inspire you. And on Fridays, we add a dose of fun to your spiritual journey.
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Peace Unleashed Instagram

Our Peace Unleashed Instagram page is where we share daily messages of love with you. Join us on Instagram to receive daily reminders of your worthiness, tools on how to tap into your inner peace, and updates on upcoming events and project.
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Unleash Your Peace Podcast

The first 75 episodes of the Unleash Your Peace podcast are structured as a course into inner peace. We explore different topics about the internal world through short, daily episodes that help you remove all the barriers you've built against peace and give you the tools you need to connect to the source of peace and power within yourself.
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